Pray Motion


Our Story

Pray Motion began as a motivational prayer. It was designed to have all negative obstacles such as people, places, things ideas and intangible objects removed from an individual’s life spectrum to allow them to reach their greatest potential.
Inspired to spread this inspiration throughout the masses, Pray Motion took to the form of rubber bracelets and t-shirts to help accomplish this task. The rubber bracelets are color coded and engraved with inspirational word/messages to keep the owner/customer motivated and focused on the larger task at hand. The glow in the dark design was embraced because it can be seen at all times, and also serves as a reminder that “Even in your darkest hour, you can still pray,” which now serves as the company’s motto.


To serve underserved communities by empowering people to enhance health, feed physical and spiritual hunger, and giving the resources to overcome hardships.

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