Programs of
Pray Motion

Thankful Thursday

Every third Thursday of each month, we provide the homeless with food, blankets, socks, shoes and personal items. We visit homeless shelters, churches, parks, bus and train stations to accomplish this task.

Operation Giveback

Every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we partner with low income school systems to find families to adopt during the holiday season. We provide each family of four or more with a full turkey or ham dinner. We also provide coats and toys for the children.

Live By

The rate of homeless in the San Francisco Bay Area is on the rise. There are multiple shelters, foodbanks and other services that provide this population with the basic necessities. Very few of these organizations are building relationships and creating impact by assisting them in overcoming the issues that resulted in their current situations. Pray Motion aims to assist the homeless and poverty stricken by providing them an opportunity for a healthier life.
    We believe that when you make a direct connection with a displaced person, you have more of an opportunity to provide them with some basic necessities that can open the door for greater impact. So, we are hitting San Francisco with a different type of drive by– A LIVE BY. A live by helps to bring hope to homeless and poverty-stricken individuals by providing concise visits in a critically designed effort to feed them with food and with thought. Yes, there are many organizations that have attempted to provide food and praying or giving food and leading them to shelters, but Pray Motion is doing Live-BYs to provide necessities and additional resources that they expressly need, based on what they live by. Not all homeless people want to live elsewhere, some believe in brushing their teeth, some would spend money given to them on a fresh blanket before clothes. Has anyone asked them?

  As a pilot program, Pray Motion will ask. Pray Motion will identify 50 homeless individuals every month, while making sure everyone continues to feel safe and provide them with a Live By Card. The Live By card comes with food but will also serve as a pass with a time, day and date for them to receive the next items they have asked for and live by.

There are 3 questions that must be answered:

  1. What can I do to help you now?
  2. What can you not live without?
  3. If you could have one thing, what would it be?

 Based on these questions, the Pray Motion team will devise a plan for the following appointment by taking something identified based on the questions along with resources that will aid in them in having that “one” thing they would live by. The idea is to start small, but to provide them with the building blocks to retrieving their overall desires. It may not be getting back to the workforce or possessing living quarters, but it will assist them in feeling like people care and want them to feel better about the possibilities that they have. Hopefully, helping them see a clearer view of life and the things that they can live by.

The #250Club

The #250Club is a professional membership of individuals who support the charity Pray Motion. Our mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth, individuals and families looking to create a legacy using God’s money. 

Our mentorship program teaches our members how to:

  1. Trade fiat currency for sound money.
  2. Start a home-based business that can bring residual income from $250 up to $12,500 a week.
  3. Gain access to your own private vault.
  4. Gain access to a savings club that gives you discounts on everything from oil changes to Disney World.

So, what are you waiting for? Allow us the opportunity to help you create a legacy that your family and kids will speak of for years to come.

To get started, please speak with one of our representatives, or visit us at:

Young Innovators

As a hub of state-of-the-art information technology, the Young Innovators Initiative of Pray Motion serves as a secure high-tech environment offering our youth competitive advantages, career and business development, and support services to assist evolving businesses, researchers and organizations to excel in the global marketplace.

The purpose of the Young Innovators Initiative is to support innovations and entrepreneurship in information technology, and lead economic development in underserved communities.
The Foundation focuses on its support in five areas:

  • Business Innovations
  • Education Innovations
  • Research Innovations
  • Networking Innovations
  • Workforce Readiness

Researchers, mentors, administrators and leaders in information technology companies are all part of a community of people who bring to life the ideas of the Young Innovators’ mission.
The Young Innovators goal is to lead the revelations in science, evidenced-based knowledge, and yield new widened horizons of human existence.

Partnership Program

Opportunities increase when you help others win. A little win for a partner is a little win for you.

Our Partners

Become A Partner

Looking Forward

Workshops will be provided on an ongoing basis that will address all areas of life such as financial planning, building self-esteem, conflict resolution, assertiveness training, how to start your own business, how to resolve family conflicts, parenting classes and a host of other topics. Workshops will also consist of teaching skills and coping strategies to utilize in order to develop educational insight that may help individuals with difficulties that are trying to re-enter the workforce.

Our nonprofit will also develop clean and sober transitional housing with a therapeutic structured living community environment and activities in order for recovering addicts to develop a healthy lifestyle without using drugs or alcohol. Meetings will be held once a week. AA and NA meetings will also be required to assist individuals with addiction issues. Activities for clean and sober living will include a black tie formal event, an annual three day clean and sober conference, with a variety of educational workshops on addiction, concerts, and many more activities as the organization grows.

One of Pray Motion’s long term goals will consist of having a recreation center for youth that will include a skating rink, bowling alley and a mass communication center with dedicated programs to prepare and teach our youth the necessary skills to perform in the fields of audio engineering, radio, television and broadcasting.

Pray Motion will eventually like to provide a safe park and playground in low income targeted areas. By partnering with other nonprofit organizations in these communities to keep drugs, gangs and violence away from our children, we can ensure our children can have a safe and healthy place to play. Our nonprofit will eventually implement a variety of programs as we continue to grow, and partner with other nonprofit organizations in our community.

Pray Motion will be developing a vocational Services Training Program for youth and young adults in order to assist and prepare individuals to compete in the work force. Resume writing, job club workshops, skills training, mock interviews and job coaching will be provided for individuals so individuals can become competitive and marketable for the job market.

Pray Motion will be implementing healthy ongoing self-help groups for youth, family and adolescents so they can have a safe place to vent their frustrations and get feedback from their peers.

Pray Motion will develop a mentoring program for youth by implementing a Big Brothers Program to help support youth as they transition from high school to careers or vocational training education. Our goal is to assist with linking them with quality support and educational programs in order to meet their unique needs and promote positive youth development. Our youth development program will consist of field trips, going to sporting events, partnering with professional players in order to have training camps in low income school systems. Such training camps will consist of football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. to assist in building youth’s self-esteem by demonstrating to youth that if they remain disciplined and focused, they can reach their goals. Year round outdoor sports and field trips will be provided to engage youth so they can be exposed to the arts, music and etc. and have choices in what they would like to pursue as a possible career choice. Continuum of cradle to career solutions will significantly improve the educational and developmental outcome of youth in most distressed communities and will transform these communities by working as a collaborative approach.

Pray Motion will periodically host seminars, conference calls and retreats to meet young adult and senior citizen spiritual needs. Conferences and seminars will include everyone that is interested in participating. Most conferences will consist of 2-3 days, including breakout sessions to address and cover various topics that will assist everyone in having all the resources they need to have a quality lifestyle.

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